Ken's Family Tree Organizer (KFTO) Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Install KFTO, Sql Server 2008/2012 & other required Microsoft Framework components

Click here to Install KFTO for Windows XP (Sql Server 2008)  or

Click here to Install KFTO for Windows 7/8/10 (Sql Server 2012)

Click the Install Button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 - Setting up KFTO

Request free Registration Key from

Or use 'FreeTrial2016' as Registration Key.

Click the browse button to select an unencrypted & uncompressed directory for your databases. Make a new folder if desired.
Next Enter a name for your new database and then click 'Create New Database'.

On this screen, just enter a family name and click 'Done' for now.

The Select Family Screen will now reappear. Click the bottom 'Browse' button to select a directory to store your new web pages.
Make a new folder if desired. Then Click 'Create Sub-Dir' to create the necessary sub-directories for your source references.

Click 'Done' and you're ready to start filling in your tree. Use the Help menus for guidance through the options.
Ken Wuelzer
Knoxville, Tennessee  37922